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Terms And Conditions

Statements, positions and other documents authored and sent by other organizations to YMS Travels and Tours Limited are under their copyright and responsibility, or under joint copyright, unless stated otherwise. Extracts of these documents should indicate organization as published on YMS Travels and Tours Limited, and a mention should be sent to: Email: info@ymstravelsandtours.com

Limited permission to copy
You are permitted to print or download extracts from these pages for your personal, non-commercial or academic use only. No part of this site may be reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted, modified, distributed, displayed or performed, without the written permission of YMS Travels and Tours Limited

Information submitted by customers
YMS Travels and Tours Limited will undertake its best efforts to monitor the source of the material sent by the organizations or individuals that wish to be mentioned on YMS Travels and Tours Limited or that wish to subscribe to its services. However, it will not accept any liability for the source, the content and the accuracy of such material.

Cooperation and trust
YMS Travels and Tours Limited welcomes enquiries and proposals made by intermediates such as agencies or consultancies on behalf of other client companies that are new prospects, not yet in contact with YMS Travels and Tours Limited. In such cases, it respects the value of the contacts and ideas provided, and aims to respect the role of the intermediate, including - if requested ? their wish to be informed of contacts with that client.

Updates to this agreement
YMS Travels and Tours Limited reserves the right to amend or modify its terms and conditions or impose new conditions at its best convenience. You will be deemed to have accepted all the new changes 24 hours after they become effective on the website.